• electrical system maintenance
  • design of air conditioning systems
  • hydraulic work

Plumbing Industry

We deal with domestic and industrial water systems. We also work in the field of water treatment and purification.


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Engineering Industry

We provide systems for air treatment, fire and smoke detection systems, as well as systems that use alternative sources of energy.

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Air Conditioning

We work in the air conditioning industry, installing and managing different systems, such as those for biomass heating.

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System maintenance

Constantly at your service, we offer ongoing support and maintenance for your electrical, plumbing and heating systems. We install air conditioning systems, fire and ...


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M.E.I.T. stands for Montaggio impianti Elettrici, Idraulici e Termici (Assembly of Electrical, Hyrdaulic and Heating Systems). It supplies mainly to banks, hotels, theatres, industries, government agencies, the Enel Group, and building contractors.

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